We, as a System integrator and Turnkey solution provider execute works only with world class superior products with certification from the renowned manufacturer in the field of instrumentation and controls. Following gives an overview on the list of instruments which we deal with

Level sensor and Level switches

We provide level sensors and switches with the best accuracy and reliability for detecting liquid levels such as oil and gas or water levels within a tank....Read More

Flow sensor

Complete portfolio for volume flow, mass flow, density and concentration measurement with wide selection of measuring principles for liquids.....Read More

Pressure sensor

Wide range of measurements from 0.1 …100 bar,Compact in size with high measurement resolution,Stainless Steel parts design.....Read More

AMR Water meter

For HSC Connections, Industrial/Commercial, Smart Cities and DMAs , Available sizes 10mm,15mm.20mm,25mm,40mm.....Read More


DI Gate Valve ,DI Wafer/Flanged Butterfly valve ,Flow control Valves,Surge Valves .....Read More

Electrical Actuators

Linear Actuator,Rotary Actuator,Quarter turn 3 phase Actuators for Gate Valve, Butterfly valve.....Read More


Online Monitoring & Control of entire Water supply network ,Remote monitoring of Transmission line & Distribution N/w. .....Read More

Quality Analysers

Residual Chlorine Analyser ,pH Analyser ,Turbidity Analyser ,TDS Analyser .....Read More